Document & Image Scanning & Drag N Drop

Mortgage Administrator's document imaging feature was developed exclusively to work the way Mortgage Advisors need. Within each Mortgage Application you have the ability to scan various sized images and documents and have them associated directly with a particular case. All scanned files are then instantly accessible by all clients on your network, including remote workers via the Internet.

You do not need to worry where or how the images are stored, Mortgage Administrator takes care of all that for you. All images are date, time and user stamped showing exactly when they were captured. All images are scanned and stored in full colour with high resolution.

Once the images, such as driving licence, mortgage application and any other documents you wish to scan or drag and drop are in the system, they are easily accessible from within the software. At the press of a button you can view, reprint and even email them.

Scanning is achieved by simply pressing a button which corresponds to a category within your paper folder, i.e. Identification, Life Quote, Client Profile etc. All these buttons are fully programmable enabling you to file the images in the category that matches your company.

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