Daily Work Planner

The daily work planner shows all cases which have an end of redemption or end of rate control expiring in the specified time period. The time period is fully adjustable to suit your own company needs, i.e. anything between 0 and 999 days.

The list gives you enough information to uniquely identify an individual case and by simply clicking on a case the system will automatically load it and take you to the correct screen.

All data is available in real time to all networked computers and is an ideal way to allocate workloads to administration staff.

Once a case is selected from this list you can issue a re-mortgage letter or indeed any other letter you wish at the press of a button.

Once a case has been correctly actioned it will be removed from the list. Any modifications to a mortgage case is available instantly to all other networked clients.

You can also run automatic daily reports showing which cases need attention.


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