Remote and Internet Access

Mortgage Administrator was developed with easy access in mind. The software incorporates complete record locking and the ability to handle slow database connections, i.e. via the Internet.

All features are useable via the Internet, however in-depth reports or high resolution image manipulation can take some time.

All case data whether changed in your local office or on the other side of the world is available instantly to all connected client computers.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is required for secure remote access, we can help you out with this feature if required.

The remote access feature was developed as a direct result of requests from a number of small FA's


We're so impressed. We've been on the lookout for something easy to use and this is it! We love it. BP, Derby

This really has made our business easier to control. SMS text messaging and Proc Fee tracking is perfect. GP Ltd, Lincon

Being able to access all our clients files from anywhere in the world still blows me away. Not sure how we managed before this! Rob O&A Essex

The document scanning really is a great step forward for us. And we were surprised just how easy it was to get up and running. TMZ Pudsey

The VPN installation has enabled us to merge both offices together and see exactly what's going on. DW N Ireland

Our Christmas card list is normally a bit of a job. Really can't believe we can do it with just a couple of buttons. TD Kent

No on-going costs for a great system. Just what we need to get of the ground. WK Hamilton


Purchase Outright from Only £350.00 + VAT (Per Licence)