Security & Mortgage Administrator

Mortgage Administrator automatically encrypts your sensitive data so in the event of your valuable data falling into the wrong hands, they would be hard pressed to make use of it.

Our security encryption has been developed in-house, whilst ensuring your data is safe it is also quickly accessible from within the software.

Our Mortgage Broker Software also enables you to export your data to a standard CSV file should you wish to make the data available to another application.

Upon exporting the data is automatically decrypted. You can use Mortgage Administrator with the peace of mind that if you really wanted to you could extract the data and import it into another application.

Mortgage Administrator CS Version enables you to specify exactly who can access which parts of the system.

Going even further you can, at the press of a button, specify who can access which records. Ideal for situations where you have multiple advisors and only want them so have access to their own cases.


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